J Prince Net Worth, Bio, Career, Assets And Many More

J Prince Net Worth
is  $55 Million

J Prince Net Worth
is  $55 Million

An American Musician J Prince net worth is expected to be $55 million in 2024. US-born J Prince Jr. is an entrepreneur, media personality, musician, and celebrity offspring. His father, James Prince, founded Rap-A-Lot Records and dominated the music industry for nearly four decades.

J Prince’s wealth comes from music production, record label revenues, publishing, real estate and clothing brand interests, and royalties from his personal music repertoire. His businesses include real estate, oil and gas, and technology in addition to music.

This wealth accumulation shows J Prince’s diverse interests and strategic investments in numerous businesses. Success in music, wise business decisions, and initiatives outside the music industry have shaped his financial trajectory.

How much is J Prince Net Worth? 

In 2024, versatile entrepreneur J Prince was estimated to be worth $55 million. Besides his $4 million salary, he earns $300,000 every month and $5 million annually.

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NameJ Prince
Source of incomeEntrepreneur
Salary$4 Million +
Monthly Income$300,000 +
Yearly Income$5 Million +
Net Worth$55 Million  

J Prince says Rap-a-lot Records is named after his brother, Sir Rapa Lot. J Prince is a hip-hop mediator who has influenced Los Angeles. Besides music, he has invested in real estate, oil and gas, and tech firms. The prospect for recurring earnings from these companies helps him expand his wealth.

J Prince’s money accumulation includes music entrepreneurship, hip-hop mediation, and smart investments across sectors.

J Prince Net worth Growth

J Prince Net worth Growth

After years of growth, our study estimates J Prince net worth at $55 million. American music executive success is the main source of his riches. In 2019, his net worth was $33 million; in 2020, $35 million. From $40 million in 2021 to $45 million in 2022, $50 million in 2023, and $55 million in 2024, the trend continued. 

YearNet Worth (Million)
2019$33 Million
2020$35 Million
2021$40 Million
2022$45 Million
2023$50 Million
2024$55 Million

J Prince’s financial success shows his capacity to prosper in American music’s changing market.

What are J Prince’s sources of income?

As Rap-a-Lot Records’ CEO, J Prince makes his living from music. He founded this record label in 1986 and introduced successful Southern hip-hop bands including the Geto Boys, Scarface, and Willie D. J Prince has managed respected boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shakur Stevenson to diversify his business streams beyond music.

Who is J Prince?

Who is J Prince?

James Prince, known as J Prince, is a notable American musician. Born in Houston, Texas, on October 31, 1964, he founded Rap-A-Lot Records and made substantial contributions during his career. J Prince, 59 in 2023, has shaped Southern hip-hop through his leadership at Rap-A-Lot Records since 1986.


Full/Real name James L. Smith
NicknameJ Prince
Birth date Oct 31, 1964
BirthplaceHouston, Texas
Age (As of 2023)59 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Ethnicity African-American 
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherJames Prince
SiblingsSister: Brandy
Marital statusMarried
SpouseMary Prince (m. 1994)
DivorcedPaula Miller (m. 1990-1993)
ChildrenJas Prince, Brandy Prince
Famous ForBeing the daughter of rapper, Nelly
ProfessionMusic executive, music manager, investor, entrepreneur, A&R
Organization foundedRap-A-Lot Records
Record labelsRap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, Virgin Records, Asylum Records, RED Music, Fontana Distribution
Years active 1986–present

J Prince, as J Prince, is a Scorpio and African-American. Christian, straight, and from a prominent family, his parents are James Prince and Mary, and his sister is Brandy. J Prince married Mary Prince in 1994 after divorcing Paula Miller (1990-1993). His children are Jas and Brandy Prince.

Apart from personal characteristics, J Prince is known for his music business impact as Rap-A-Lot Records CEO. His influence goes beyond music to include business and community work. As “The Godfather of Southern Hip-Hop,” J Prince mentors and protects the hip-hop scene. He was known for his advocacy for artists’ rights, music community ethics, and distinctive leadership and mediation skills. J Prince’s influence on Southern hip-hop and music has cemented his legacy.

J Prince Early Life 

J Prince Early Life 

In Morne Diablo, J Prince was born on October 31, 1965, as James L. Smith. As a sound system DJ, he entered the music industry. He changed his name to J. Prince in 2008. ‘Victory,’ produced by G Master, was his first single under this name. The ‘Victory’ music video placed second on Tempo’s Cross-Caribbean secular countdown.

Beginning in 2011, J. Prince and Flow Master Records released his first two albums, ‘Omega – A New Beginning’ and ‘Renaissance.’ In later years, he performed with DJ Nicholas, Sherwin Gardner, Positive, and American Rapper Flame. From a disk jockey to a versatile musician, J Prince’s early life and musical journey reflect crucial stages in his musical expression and innovation.

J Prince Height, How Tall is J Prince? 

J Prince Height, How Tall is J Prince? 

J Prince is 5’6″ (170 cm) tall with hazel eyes and black hair. He weighs 70 kg (153 lb) and measures 37-27-37 inches. For shoe fans, J Prince wears size 8US.

Eye colorhazel
Hair colorBlack
Height5’6″, 170cm
Weight70Kg, 153lbs
Body Measurements37-27-37 inch
Shoe size8US

These facts, commonly searched by enthusiasts, reveal the multidimensional figure’s physical traits. J Prince’s stature and influence in the music industry and beyond enhance his intriguing image.

The Career of J Prince

The Career of J Prince

J Prince founded Houston hip-hop record label Rap-a-Lot in 1986. He started this business on the second floor of his auto shop to keep his younger brother out of trouble. After J Prince moved the label to New York City in 1988, Smoke-a-Lot Records became famous. He saw Def Jam CEOs Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen’s talents.

Rap-a-Lot Records became famous with the Geto Boys, who popularized Southern hip-hop. The 1989 release of “Grip It! On That Other Level” was boosted by J Prince’s discovery of Scarface and Willie D. Rap-a-Lot’s federal inquiry in the same year found no wrongdoing, thus it was dropped.

The label focused on gangsta and Southern rap, changing distribution throughout time. It was acknowledged by The Notorious B.I.G. in the remix of “Flava in Ya Ear,” demonstrating its longevity. Rap-a-Lot’s popularity was mentioned by Snoop Dogg in Devin the Dude’s 2007 song “What a Job”.

Jay Prince, J Prince’s son, founded Rap-a-Lot-distributed Southern Empire Entertainment. As a manager, Jas Prince introduced Drake to Lil Wayne and helped him sign to Young Money in 2009.

J. Prince’s 2018 memoir, “The Art & Science of Respect: A Memoir,” chronicled his extensive music career. J Prince launched the liquor and wine brand “Loyalty.” in 2020. This multidimensional journey highlights J Prince’s lasting impact on the music industry’s constant change.

J Prince Balance Sheet

Cash$50,000 +
Inheritance$60,000 +
Gold Reserves$3,50,000 +
Luxury Holdings
Luxury Cars3 +
Luxury Watches10 +
Luxury Yachts1 +
Stock Portfolio10 +
Crypto Investments$80,000 +
Other Investments$10 Million +
Business Income$50,000 +
Other Income$80,000 +
Loans & Liabilities$5 Million +
Annual Financials
Annual Expense$0.4 Million +
Taxes Paid$3,50,000 +

J Prince’s balance sheet shows his assets, luxury holdings, investments, and income. The table format clearly shows his amazing luxury automobile and watch collection, gold reserves, and stock and cryptocurrency assets. Add liabilities, annual expenses, and taxes to get a complete financial picture of J Prince.

J Prince Personal life

J Prince Personal life

J Prince’s personal life shows his family and community values. He married Mary Prince in the late 1980s and they have a great bond. Their three sons—J Prince Jr., Jas, and Jay “Baby Jay”—are musicians and boxers.

Marital statusMarried
SpouseMary Prince (m. 1994)
DivorcedPaula Miller (m. 1990-1993)
ChildrenJas Prince, Brandy Prince

In addition to his professional work, J Prince is a dedicated family guy who gives back to his community. He was instrumental in building Houston’s Fifth Ward community center. This effort gives kids, youth, and adults the tools to succeed in life.

J Prince supports HIV/AIDS prevention through his philanthropy. His significant funding for charitable projects shows his dedication to making a difference beyond business. The essence of J Prince’s personal life is family and sincere and impactful involvement in community empowerment programs.

J Prince Philanthropy

J Prince Philanthropy

Besides his career, J Prince is a family man and community volunteer. He helped develop Houston’s Fifth Ward community center. This program equips children, teenagers, and adults for success.

J Prince donates to HIV/AIDS prevention. His generous charitable donations demonstrate his commitment to make a difference beyond business. Family and meaningful community empowerment projects define J Prince’s life.

J Prince Assets

J Prince Assets

J Prince owns a Mediterranean masterpiece with a two-story entrance. The luxurious home has an open floor plan and stunning views of the pool, fountains, outdoor fireplace, and several covered outdoor party areas. Five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and approximately 8,300 square feet make up this $4.2 million home.

Mr. Prince owns a $2.2 million Dallas property in addition to his primary abode. Sanders, Dion Sanders’ ex-wife, lives on this property.

With approximately $1 million in 1986, J Prince began his wealth accumulation. Two years later, he bought his mother a house and himself a 30-acre ranch. To help his family, he sold birds and bunnies, trimmed grass, hunted, and even worked on a welding truck. This story shows J Prince’s tenacity and hard work as well as his financial achievement.

Real estate and other assets

In addition to music and boxing, J Prince has invested in real estate. A Houston property with Angus cattle earns about $200,000. J Prince’s sustainable ventures show his wealth accumulation strategy.

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Prince Island, a Belizean island, is now part of his real estate portfolio. J Prince’s smart investments outside of music and boxing boost his net worth. A diversified strategy to financial success and stability includes income-generating properties like the ranch and scenic island.

J. Prince Favorite Quotes 

J. Prince Favorite Quotes 

“Respect was something that was given to me as a kid who grew up with structure, being instructed to say yes sir, no sir. From there, it’s just been having a track record as a stand-up individual, knowing what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, and the youngsters understanding it because we come from the same place. We’re from where the wolves are at.” – J. Prince

“In the beginning, we were in an unwelcoming environment and being discriminated against by business owners as well as facing racial profiling from police. There wasn’t much support for our out-of-the-box attitudes, and artists were emulating East, and West Coast sounds.” – J. Prince 

“Drake’s buzz even back then required attention and outweighed any doubts, even my own opinion on the sound. He dared to be different, and that’s what stands out.” – J. Prince 

“The new generation is more content-aware than ever before, and that excites me as an entrepreneur. New artists are coming up in different ways, especially via social media, but it’s still about building the right foundation and laying the groundwork for when you’re ready, and it’s time to grow.” – J. Prince 

“I’ve had to settle down a lot of angry individuals in the past. With the Drake-Meek situation, Meek was looking for a positive word, and I told him, ‘Let’s be about a movement and not a moment,’ and he understood the validity in that.” – J. Prince 

“It’s important to have a word. Whatever the word is, you stand by it and then have the mental toughness to follow through and do what needs to be done.” – J.

3 Life Lessons from J. Prince

3 Life Lessons from J. Prince

J. Prince teaches life lessons beyond his wealth. These tips inspire personal and professional growth:

  • Enjoy Winning: Overcoming problems requires a mindset that values victory over failure. J. Prince encourages people to be excited about accomplishment and to have a positive outlook to overcome hurdles.
  • Expand Your Vision: J. Prince encourages experimentation and boundary-pushing. He advocates traveling as far as one can see because reaching a particular point in life opens up new possibilities beyond initial ambitions.
  • Chase Your Dreams: The music executive stresses the importance of actively pursuing dreams. According to J. Prince, failure to establish and pursue one’s dreams could lead to working for someone else’s vision. Success depends on ambition and determination, as this lesson shows.

Social media following

J Prince Social media following
Twitter14,600 Followers
Instagram794,000 Followers
Facebook240,000 Followers

J. Prince’s social media presence shows his influence and involvement with a wide audience. His diversified 14,600 Twitter followers like his insights and updates. His visual output is popular on Instagram, where 794,000 followers get a glimpse into his complex existence. J. Prince has 240,000 Facebook followers that regularly engage with his information and viewpoints. J. Prince shares his experiences and builds a dynamic online presence on numerous social media platforms, increasing his influence and notoriety.

People also asked

1. What label does J Prince own?

J Prince, also known as Lil J, is the CEO and co-founder of the Houston-based record label Rap-A-Lot.

2. What is J Prince known for?

J Prince is best known for his pivotal role as the founder and CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records.

3. What is Rap-A-Lot Records?

Rap-A-Lot Records is a record label that was founded by J Prince in Houston, Texas, in 1986.

4. Did J Prince change his name?

Yes, J Prince underwent a name change in his career. Originally known as Omega Express during his stint with a local radio station, he later transitioned to J Prince in 2008. This change coincided with the release of his first single, “Victory,” produced by G Master.

Final Thoughts

As of 2024, J Prince net worth of $55 million shows his success and impact in American music and beyond. From his days as a DJ jockey to starting Rap-A-Lot Records in 1986, J Prince has shaped Southern hip-hop and discovered outstanding performers like the Geto Boys.

His net fortune comes from music production, record label profits, boxing management, and strategic investments in real estate, oil and gas, and technology, demonstrating his financial versatility and acumen. His entrepreneurial achievement is shown by his net worth growth from $33 million in 2019 to $55 million in 2024.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, J Prince’s family, philanthropy, and community development give richness to his legacy. He is known as “The Godfather of Southern Hip-Hop” for his mentoring, mediation, and artist rights advocacy outside the music industry.

J Prince net worth reflects his lasting effect, business savvy, and dedication to hip-hop authenticity and integrity as he navigates the music business and expands his business portfolio.

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