Peri Momm: Meet with Dolph Lundgren’s First Wife

For those unfamiliar, Peri Momm is the first wife of the renowned Swedish actor, Dolph Lundgren. Yes, the same man who is currently in the news for his upcoming marriage to a woman 38 years his junior.

Peri Momm never aspired to be in the public eye, yet life had other plans for her. Life, with its unpredictable twists, often renders certain things irrelevant. People can choose their life mates without judgment. However, time can be bittersweet when one person moves forward while another stays in the past.

I can’t help but compare this to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s story. After their public divorce, Brad’s affair with Angelina Jolie led Jennifer to choose a single life. She openly shared that the experience left her questioning the prospect of love.

The void created by Brad was something Jennifer found irreplaceable, and she ultimately found happiness in her own company. It’s important to note that Jennifer, despite her celebrity status, faced challenges in finding love again. Life’s intricacies can indeed be cruel at times.

In essence, these stories remind us of the unpredictable nature of life, love, and the unique journeys each individual undertakes.

Personal Information

Full name Peri Momm 
BirthplaceUnited States of America 
AgeMaybe 40s
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Ethnicity White 
Marital statusSingle
Famous ForBeing the Ex-wife of Dolph Lundgren
ProfessionCelebrity Wife

Peri Momm Age and Bio

Peri Momm may be in her 40s since her birth date is unclear. Her personal life is rarely reported. Peri Momm became famous after marrying Swedish actor and martial artist Dolph Lundgren. He is known for his role as Ivan Dragon in Rocky IV and his roles in Masters of the Universe, Red Scorpion, and The Punisher.

Peri Momm rose to fame through her marriage to Dolph Lundgren, but she quickly left the spotlight after that. Their 1991 wedding was beautiful, but time got them divorced in 1992.

Peri Momm and Dolph’s 1991–1992 marriage illustrates the challenges of public partnerships. Despite their brief marriage, their legacy lives on in entertainment. In Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, Peri Momm’s life story is intertwined with Dolph Lundgren’s brief but essential chapter.

Personal Traits and Background

Peri Momm possesses distinct characteristics that add a personal touch to her story:

Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown
Height and WeightN/A
Lucky Number3,4, 11, 17, 21, 27, and 31
Lucky DaySaturday
Lucky ColorsOnyx, Ruby, Blue Topaz, Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli 

When she met Dolph Lundgren, Peri from a non-celebrity US family into the spotlight.  As a Capricorn, her birthstone is Garnet, reflecting qualities of loyalty and commitment. Governed by Saturn, her birth element is Earth, suggesting practicality and stability.

Peri is likely to have strong compatibility with individuals of the zodiac signs Taurus and Virgo, indicating harmonious relationships. However, compatibility might be less favorable with those born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Notably, individuals born on January 1st, like Peri Momm, are characterized as creative, charming, and possessing a charismatic personality. These personal traits offer a glimpse into the unique qualities that shape Peri Momm’s individuality and contribute to her distinct presence in the world.

Meet Peri Momm: Dolph Lundgren’s First Wife

Let’s delve into the intriguing story of Peri Momm, the inaugural wife of Dolph Lundgren.

Peri Momm became part of Dolph Lundgren’s life when he was already on the cusp of Hollywood stardom. They exchanged vows in 1991, a time when Dolph’s celebrity status was reaching new heights. Interestingly, Peri remained notably reserved and uncelebrated, despite her connection to the cinematic world through her illustrious husband. Choosing modesty, she shied away from the spotlight that accompanied Dolph’s sudden rise to prominence.

Dolph Lundgren’s journey to international fame commenced in 1985 with his iconic role as Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV.” Subsequently, he became a prolific actor with a staggering portfolio of over 80 films, predominantly in the action genre.

In 2010, Dolph portrayed Gunner Jensen in “The Expendables,” sharing the screen with Sylvester Stallone and other luminaries. Notably, he diversified his career after a period of direct-to-video films from 1995. Dolph continued to embody Gunner Jensen in the sequels “The Expendables 2” (2012) and “3” (2014).

Dolph co-wrote and produced “Skin Trade,” a gripping action thriller about human trafficking. He produced and performed in this significant 2014 film. In 2018, Dolph reprised Ivan Drago in “Creed II,” pleasing fans. He is also anticipated in “The Expendables 4,” where he will reprise Gunner Jensen.

While expanding his horizons, Dolph Lundgren played Mera’s father in “Aquaman.” In the fifth season of “Arrow,” he played Konstantin Kovar, the Bratva leader and main antagonist in the flashback. Dolph Lundgren’s career shows his versatility as an actor and entertainment industry professional. Peri Momm’s life is an intriguing footnote, highlighted by a failed marriage.

Dolph Lundgren: Peri Momm Husband

Dolph Lundgren, a famous Swedish actor, filmmaker, and martial artist, was born in Stockholm on November 3, 1957. Known for his diverse career, Dolph, 64, debuted in “A View To Kill.” However, his portrayal of Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV.” made him famous. He also appeared in “The Punisher” and “Masters of the Universe.”

After his 1992 divorce from Peri Momm, Dolph began a new chapter in his life. He married fashion stylist and jewelry designer Anette Qviberg. Dolph had two daughters from this union. Despite the promise, this marriage ended in 2011.

Despite love’s hardships, Dolph found companionship again. The 38-year age gap doesn’t bother Dolph, who’s dating Swedish fitness instructor Emma Krokdal. Dolph announced their engagement on Instagram. “Something very special happened here in Sweden,” adds excitement to Dolph Lundgren’s new personal chapter.

Dolph Lundgren’s path reflects his movie successes and his relationships, where love and camaraderie remain important.

Peri Momm’s Relationship with her Ex-Husband Dolph

Source: Youtube

Peri Momm’s story unfolds as that of a woman who, as of now, is believed to be leading a single life after parting ways with Dolph Lundgren. Rumors suggest that since their separation, she has not ventured into any new relationships, finding solace in the comfort of a single life.

In the early ’90s, Peri and Dolph crossed paths and found themselves deeply in love. Their connection blossomed, prompting them to take their relationship to the next level. The culmination of their love story was a heartfelt wedding ceremony in 1991. The facts of their meeting, Dolph’s proposal, and their marriage are unknown, but they will update you.

While spending time together, the couple portrayed a lovely relationship. When the lovers split in late 1991, their story took an unexpected turn. Their seemingly ideal marriage ended without explanation, sparking intrigue and inquiry.

He dated Grace Jones in the 1980s and Paula Barbieri before Peri. Despite these brief contacts, Dolph’s relationship with Peri Momm led to their marriage after courting.

In 1994, Dolph married Anette Qviberg in Marbella after his divorce from Peri. Unfortunately, this chapter repeated his former marriage’s pattern, ending in a 2011 divorce. Dolph is a proud father to Ida Sigrid and Greta Eveline Lundgren, his children from Anette.

Peri Momm’s journey with Dolph Lundgren explores love, separation, and relationship changes, reflecting life’s unpredictability.

Peri Momm’s Net Worth

When it comes to Peri Momm’s net worth, the details remain shrouded in mystery. Described as an ordinary and beautiful American woman, she has kept a tight lid on information related to her profession, salary, or overall financial standing.

The Dolph Lundgren link is key to Peri’s fame. Dolph’s $18 million net worth comes from his successful film career. His success in 80s and 90s blockbusters added to his wealth.

Dolph’s “Rocky IV,” a box office hit, grossed $300.4 million. Dolph Lundgren’s $28 million film win shows his huge impact on the entertainment business.

Peri Momm’s finances are unknown, but Dolph’s success shows their dynamic world. The ambiguities surrounding Peri’s net worth add curiosity to her story, making us wonder about a life mostly hidden.

Where is Peri Momm Now?

Peri Momm may be living alone. She hasn’t dated since divorcing Dolph, according to rumors. Preferring the comfort of living alone, she has embraced a lifestyle that suits her best.

Reflecting on their past, Peri and Dolph first crossed paths in the early 1990s, and their connection was instantaneous. Their paths diverged over time. Peri Momm’s decision to live alone adds fascination to her story as she continues her journey away from the public eye.


Peri Momm’s life is a tale of fleeting celebrity and high-profile matrimonial trouble. As Dolph Lundgren’s first wife, she gained fame for a brief period from 1991 to 1992.

Peri Momm is mysterious because she keeps her personal life private. Her decision to live alone after divorcing Dolph adds mystery to her story. In contrast to her ex-husband, who thrived in the entertainment world, Peri chose solitude away from the media.

While her age and present endeavors are unknown, Peri Momm’s post-divorce journey parallels the complications commonly experienced by relationship-driven celebrities. Her modest grace in withdrawing from public attention raises the possibility that some celebrity marriages end in the peace of a life away from the spotlight.

FAQs about Peri Momm

1. Who is Peri Momm?

Peri Momm is the first wife of the famous Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. Her claim to fame is her marriage to Dolph in 1991, which lasted only a year.

2. When did Peri Momm marry Dolph Lundgren?

Peri Momm and Dolph Lundgren married in 1991 in a beautiful ceremony. Unfortunately, their 1992 divorce destroyed their marriage.

3. For what is Peri Momm famous?

Peri Momm is well known as Dolph Lundgren’s ex-wife. Her relationship with Dolph made her famous.

4. Is Peri Momm married?

Peri Momm is reportedly single. No new partnerships have been reported since her 1992 divorce from Dolph Lundgren.

5. Now where is Peri Momm?

Peri Momm is said to live quietly. She reportedly enjoys seclusion after divorcing Dolph and living alone.

6. What is Dolph Lundgren’s relationship status now?

Following his divorce from Peri Momm, Dolph Lundgren married fashion stylist and jewelry designer Anette Qviberg. The 2011 divorce terminated that marriage too. According to reports, Dolph is engaged to Emma Krokdal.

7. Has Peri Momm had children with Dolph Lundgren?

There is no evidence that Peri Momm and Dolph Lundgren had children during their brief marriage. Dolph’s later marriage to Anette Qviberg produced two daughters.

8. What is Peri Momm’s profession and net worth?

The occupation and wealth of Peri Momm are unknown. She became famous through her relationship with Dolph Lundgren, a prominent actor worth $18 million.

9. Does Peri Momm make any public appearances or statements after her divorce?

After her divorce from Dolph Lundgren, Peri Momm has kept a low profile and made no public appearances. She preferred a private life away from publicity.

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